Does Knowledge Affect Support for Shark Conservation?

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Chris Parsons, George Mason Univeristy
Chelsea Gray, George Mason University


A survey of people in auto dealerships asked for individual's knowledge of sharks, where they got their information, and if the individuals supported shark conservation, as well as demographic information (age, education level, etc). The results indicate that the more knowledge a person has the more likely they are to support shark conservation. Individuals who watched Discovery's Shark Week and/or documentaries were more knowledgeable about sharks then those who got their information from other sources such as TV news or movies. This demonstrates that documentaries, and in particular Shark Week, can have a strong impact on conservation.

Original Publication:

O’Bryhim, Jason R., and E.C.M. Parsons. 2015. Increased knowledge about sharks increases public concern about their conservation. Marine Policy 56: 43-47

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