Why Teachers are Participating

Over 40,000 middle school students around the world are expected to help select this year's Ocean 180 Video Challenge winners. See what teachers are saying about their involvement with Ocean 180 and why they registered their students to participate.

 "Being able to relate what they learn in class to real-life, ocean scientists should go a long way towards my students being able to see themselves as scientists and participate fully in learning about their world."- Port St. Lucie, FLiStock 000005417590 webversion

 "We have discussed in length what scientists really do- it would such a incredible learning for my students to see this first hand!"- Tinley Park, IL

 "One of my goals for my students is to take them beyond the standards, textbooks, and assessments and to open their eyes to the world as scientists see it."- Glen Allen, VA

 "This video competition is one of the greatest resources to make them feel a part of a world community and to give them something that builds their opinions and confidence in the world and scientific arena."- El Portal, FL

 "Anytime students are exposed to real world science it broadens their minds and opens possible doors to future science careers."- Chula Vista, CA

 "My students LOVE learning about the ocean.  Being landlocked in Southern Illinois makes the marvels of the ocean magical for these middle school students. I hope their participation will enable them to experience real world science and inspire them to go beyond their own backyard to study and learn about the natural world."- Creal Springs, IL

 SeaLion"During this contest period, my students will be exploring ecology and biomes. Many of them have never seen the ocean, so they have no context for the discussion of aquatic biomes. Involving them in recent research will be really helpful in engaging them with this new content!"- Gallup, NM

 "I want my students to view science as dynamic, changing, living and not as a set of know facts to be memorized."- Manhattan Beach, CA

 "My students need to see that they are capable of achieving their dreams and beyond. Opportunities such as having their opinion of videos created by actual scientists taken into consideration are gateways to achieving those goals."- Ceredo, WV

 "As a scientist turned teacher, I want my students to experience what real science is like. I want them to see the real people who do science, their successes and failures. It opens a rich avenue of discussion and opportunities to experience real-world applications of what we are doing in the classroom."- Hyde Park, NY

 "The oceans are a vital resource and our students need to value their importance in our global ecosystem....My students live in the gulf coast and need to recognize the beauty and importance of their own community."- Baton Rouge, LA

 "My students love "real life scientists," and the idea of getting to participate and critically comment on how science is presented to young people would mean the world to them."- Salt Lake City, UT


By the Numbers

Over 40,000 students in 50 US states, the US Virgin Islands, and 25 countries participated as judges in the 2016 Ocean 180 Video Challenge.