Video Release and Creative Commons License

Download a PDF version of the COSEE Florida Multimedia Permission & Use of Copyrighted Material Form. This must be signed and attached to your video abstract submission.

Video Release

Each entrant (individual or team) certifies, through the submission of a video to the contest, that the entry is his/her own original creative work and does not violate or infringe on the creative work of others, as protected under U.S. copyright law. Upon submission of materials, entrants agree to complete and submit an Ocean 180 Video Permission and Use of Copyrighted Material Form that grants COSEE Florida permission to use and distribute their Ocean 180 video abstract on a royalty-free basis for news and public-information purposes at COSEE Florida’s discretion. Such uses include, posting the material on the Ocean 180 and COSEE Florida websites (thereby making it generally available to such outlets as news organizations, universities, teachers and the general public), distributing the material to other web sites for educational and/or informational purposes, or using the material for educational and/or training purposes.  Entrants also agree that no further permission is needed to publically share my entry associated with my names, the names of my team members, and other data collected as part of the submission process.

Creative Commons License

CC 2014

In addition, entrants agree license their video submission under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). Information regarding the terms of this Creative Commons license is available at:

By the Numbers

Over 40,000 students in 50 US states, the US Virgin Islands, and 25 countries participated as judges in the 2016 Ocean 180 Video Challenge.